Our testimonials

“A family member messed up my laptop, lost my files, and installed Ubuntu on it.  I was devastated, then I met one of the freelancers of EliteFreelancer.net, and within a few hours, Tim had my laptop fixed with Windows  running on it again. Everything was perfect--everything just works right.”
Tina  Landeros
“I left my touchscreen in a friends car. One of her kids used it and screwed it up, getting a full screen FBI warning on it.  I contacted EliteFreelancer.net and they were able to walk me through the process of getting my screen back again and even advised me on my internet settings and got my internet security up and going again. ”
Sunny Odette
 “My grandson's new Toshiba laptop wouldn't install Windows 8.1 update and kept crashing. It was sent back to Dell and they couldn't fix it, neither did the GeekSquad at MicroCenter, then I heard about Elitefreelancer.net and I called them. The tech had the laptop back to my grandson in a few days with everything working, the updates installed and no data loss whatsoever. These people are awesome.”
Jan Martin
“OMG these guys are great!. Thanks Tim!”
Ann Smith

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